How To Quickly Become A Published Author | Part 1 | Your Content

Becoming a published author will really put you out there in front of your competitors... and massively increase your credibility as the expert in your space. If you are like most people though, I imagine that you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of sitting down to write your own 70,000+ word masterpiece. It’s a daunting [...]

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What Felix’s Skydive Can Teach Us About Business

Yikes! Have you seen the footage of that Austrian Sky diver guy, Felix Baumgartner who did a free-fall 23 miles from the edge of space to the New Mexico desert a few days ago?! Pretty nuts huh?! It wasn’t all for fun though... he was collecting data to make future space travel safer... but still, [...]

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Leadership Lessons From Bangladesh

My trip to Bangladesh with The Hunger Project has been the most profound and life changing experience of my life to date. The women I met simply blew me away with what they’re achieving. It’s really touched me... and it has made me think about the lives we lead. You know, one of our biggest [...]

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A Lesson From Bangladesh | What’s Stopping You?

Having spent the past week or so in Bangladesh with The Hunger Project, I’ve been humbled by the commitment and dedication shown by the amazing women I was fortunate enough to meet. While we were there, we held the Unleashed Women Leaders Conference in Dhaka Inspirational women It happens once every 2 years... these rural [...]

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