3 Steps For Productive Remote Working

One of the real benefits of running your lifestyle business is the ability to choose to work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection... either mobile broadband or accessible Wi-Fi connection Places such as... Caravans Coffee shops Libraries Beach In-flight Sitting poolside or lakeside Parks I’m sure you get the idea...? But, unlike working in [...]

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The 3 Principles For Effective Stick Campaigns

Are you shying away from selling your products and programs because you haven’t created anything yet? Do you worry that selling your seminar or workshop tickets too far in advance will mean your clients will forget or lose interest in your event when it finally comes around? This is a worry shared by many lifestyle [...]

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Marketing Your Business | Why Use Auto-Responder Campaigns?

You’ve written your free eBook, you’ve recorded audio downloads... you’re all set to grow your community by offering an incentive to your audience to provide their email address so you can continue marketing to them. People are signing up and enjoying your free content... and your list is growing. But what next...? Are you regularly [...]

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