When A Client Relationship Isn’t Working Anymore

By Joanna Martin If you’re like most people, when you first started your business you were happy to work with anyone who wanted to hire you… possibly you didn’t recognize your true worth either so your fees were lower in the beginning too? Would you agree? Then, a little way down the line, your business [...]

By |28.06.2012|

Are You Taking Regular Holidays Away From Your Business? | Why Your Hairdresser Has Got The Right Idea!

By Joanna Martin I don’t know about you guys, but when us ladies are enjoying a good chat with our hairdresser, the one subject that always seems to come up is holidays… whether you’ve taken a holiday recently or which trips you have planned? Am I right ladies? Now as business owners, both sexes can [...]

By |21.06.2012|

Lifestyle Business Design | Building Your Team

By Joanna Martin When you are getting started in your business, most (or all) of your business activities will be reliant on you… taking time off is difficult because if you’re not around, no business can be done. To experience a true lifestyle business, you will need to remove this reliance on you being around [...]

By |14.06.2012|

87 Million Reasons Why You Need A Niche!

By Joanna Martin I’ve just been reading the incredible story of Martin Lewis and I wanted to share it with you today as a stellar example of why you need a niche in your lifestyle business. Martin Lewis is a UK journalist… and 10 years ago, he set up a website called MoneySavingExpert which provides [...]

By |07.06.2012|