You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With!

By Joanna Martin Do you ever get the feeling that you or someone around you has changed? Like you don’t have anything in common with that person anymore? It can be a pretty shocking realisation; especially if you were once very close and shared everything together… to suddenly feel in your heart that the two [...]

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Who’s Supporting You In Your Journey?

By: Joanna Martin I wrote a blog some time ago about making use of your support network when you feel overwhelmed but I want to talk today about the importance of acknowledging those who support you in your journey to success. You see, I think if you are like a lot of people, it is [...]

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Be Seen As An Expert By Google | How To Set Up Google Authorship

by Joanna Martin We’re in a camper on our way to Scotland for some R&R and I’ve been reading about Google Authorship. I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you because I know it will benefit you too. You’re taking huge strides in your journey towards your ultimate lifestyle and I’m sure you already [...]

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Design your Ultimate Lifestyle | Creating Passive Income Streams

Do you have a plan for generating income for your business in future months or years? Are you trading time for money in the work you do for clients? One of the topics I talk about a lot with business owners who want to design their ultimate lifestyle is the importance of having passive income [...]

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Authentically Learning From Your Role Models

In your journey towards your ultimate lifestyle, I’m sure you are observing many different people along the way. That’s how we all develop personally and professionally… by learning from our role models who are already successful and adapting their style to fit into our own personality type. Remaining authentic: When I first started in business, [...]

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