Are Your Negative Expectations Limiting Positive Outcomes?

I’m sitting in Starbucks this morning on a rainy day in London reflecting on a conversation I had with one of my clients just before Greg and I left Melbourne last week. She was telling me that she had spent the previous week dwelling on a difficult conversation she knew she needed to have with [...]

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Self Imposed Deadlines: Are You Meeting Yours?

Something I often hear from business owners is that their every day ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way of working on their lifestyle goals… then they feel frustrated that they’re not making enough progress in their journey. Can you relate to that too? Are you finding that everything else you have to do takes most [...]

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How To Say No Without Guilt

Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ when deep down you wished you had the courage to say ‘no’? I think sometimes we can have a tendency to want to please everyone and keep the peace… but we compromise ourselves in the process. Would you agree? How many times have you been so busy you barely [...]

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Reducing The Feelings Of Isolation As A Home Worker

If you are a home worker it can become very isolating if you don’t regularly get to be in the company of others. We often begin our journey into running our own business having only known the corporate lifestyle of “water cooler chats” and social evenings spent in the pub... but as a home worker [...]

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