Mood Changes and The Weather

How is the weather where you are today? If it’s sunny and warm, do you find your productivity increases or does it make you feel you’d rather be outside enjoying the glorious weather? I’ve noticed that my mood changes and my energy levels and motivation are affected by the weather and it has made me [...]

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The Secret Is a Positive Mental Attitude

Have you ever thought that some people seem to get a lot of lucky breaks in their life yet others appear to face a never ending stream of challenges? Perhaps you’ve experienced taking one step forward and two steps back during your journey towards your ultimate lifestyle? Why do you think this happens? Are we [...]

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Are you repelling wealth?

We are in business to make our difference but we also want to be rewarded for our efforts; we strive for a sizeable income to provide a better lifestyle for our kids, enjoy more holidays, and make an investment or whatever you would do if your income was to significantly increase. I invite you now [...]

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Wealth Dynamics for Facebook – The Perfect Business Facebook Strategy For Your Profile

This is a guest post by my good friend Roger James Hamilton – Creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system. In today’s blog, Roger shares his insights on Facebook success strategies...which one is yours? THE 'BLAZE' STRATEGY I met Mari Smith at an event in Las Vegas in 2008. She took my Wealth Dynamics profile [...]

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The role of your Wealth Dynamics profile in creating your ultimate lifestyle business

For today’s blog I have invited my very good friend Roger Hamilton, Creator of the Wealth Dynamics Profiling system to share some of his amazing insights into how we can build our ultimate lifestyle business when we understand our life purpose and are truly in flow. Greg and I are huge fans of Roger’s Wealth [...]

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