Hormones, Havoc and Women in Business

I'm at the Isle of Wight with my team this week, and it becomes clear when we all get together in the same room that we are a very female dominant team. Poor old Greg (or lucky old Greg- depending on how you look at it) is surrounded by 5 women at this little holiday [...]

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3 Quick Steps To Boost Your Vitality

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.- Mahatma Gandhi Speaking from a Doctor’s point of view good health is the cornerstone to everything.  It’s the founding bed for relationships, for business, for love and for life.  Ironically, there’s nothing like a bout of sickness to make one appreciate [...]

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Lifestyle By Design: How To Create The Ideal Lifestyle Business

How to create the ideal lifestyle business has long been a professional goal of most entrepreneurs. Tim Ferris got it right when he wrote 'The 4-Hour Work Week' - work less, play more! (By the way, if you've not read it - I suggest along with this blog, his book is a fabulous resource on [...]

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