4 Top Tips To Breathe Fresh Life into Your Business

Here’s 4 top tips to spruce up your business. De-clutter Your Office Take some time out of your day to go through your desk and your paperwork and be ruthless!  Get rid of everything which does not support your burgeoning business. Grow a Plant Growing something from seed, nurturing the green shoots into life, tending [...]

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How To Create Your Dream Lifestyle

Creating your dream lifestyle is not a myth.  It can be your reality. Take a moment to imagine your dream lifestyle.  What would it involve?  For most people, it involves some of the following ingredients: Foreign travel More time off to relax and pursue your hobbies Quality time with your family and friends New clothes [...]

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Email Overwhelm – How To Cure It!

If you are looking for more time in your day, then look no further than today’s article. One of the most important gifts you can give to yourself is the gift of learning how to manage your inbox. It’s a time-saver…. In-box Stress You know what “in-box stress” is, don’t you? It’s that horrid feeling [...]

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Be Still

In my feature article this week, I thought I would continue the theme of stillness and inner calm. Here’s a special one-off article on the benefits of meditation and in particular mini-meditations – especially useful for those busy busy days! "The more tranquil a becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his [...]

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7 Steps To Creating The Lifestyle You Desire

The lifestyle you desire, whether it be one crammed full of exotic travel, settled with a loving family around you, rich and famous, or recognized within your field as an expert . . . . all of this is possible when you remember the following steps. 1. Let go of any preconceptions of what you [...]

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