Bridal Delights!

Wow, what an amazing week!  Events include; another dress fitting, bridesmaids dresses, bridal registry, babysitting and of course our wonderful engagement party!  I promise I did do some work... at some time... I think?! Now I have to say I have discovered the perfect way to do your bridal registry shopping - with a glass [...]

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How To Be Your Own Best Parent

Let’s talk about love. Loving yourself is the beginning. Regardless of your goal, be it harmonious relationships with your partner and your family, or financially orientated targets, do not underestimate the power of self-love. It – or the lack of it - is at the core of everything. And just like an apple, the more [...]

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Get those cogs turning…

So, another exciting and positive week rolls past brimming with business lessons.  Don’t you love it when your business teaches you something about yourself?  Everything, including business, is a reflection of our true selves and as long as we stay integral to this then we shouldn’t go too far off course.  At the moment, we're [...]

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Ahh, Home Sweet Home…

This week has been about nesting, wedding preparations and launching one of my coolest products – the new Blueprint in Action Program.   It’s been over a week now since Greg and I moved into our new home and we’ve been busy unpacking and discovering new treasures I'd forgotten all about.  I’m also discovering how much [...]

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Designer Wedding Dresses and Long Forgotten Kitchen Tools

This past week has been one of the most symbolic in my life.  Have you ever had weeks like that?  Where loads of BIG events seem to pile up on top of each other? First, myself and Greg finally picked up the keys to a new home!  Yay!  And second . . . close your [...]

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