We’re all going on a – Summer Holiday…

Well, End of Summer holiday anyway... Summertime is traditionally the time when businesses pack up and go on holiday.  But why does sometimes taking something as simple as a holiday actually cause stress?  Because it means time away from the office and all your to-do lists.  Greg and I are taking a late holiday this [...]

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Wedding Shopping!

What with a wedding coming up, I've just 'had' to do some shopping!  And who better to go shopping with than personal branding expert and style guru, Ben Angel.  Greg, Ben and I spent a great day out choosing some new clothes. Ben was just awesome.  He even got Greg to agree to wearing skinny [...]

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Fathers Day

Well, it's been over a week of now of being an engaged woman and I did what all newly engaged daughters do - go back home to show my parents the sparkly ring!  My fiance and I (I just love saying that!!) went back to Hobart.  That's in Tasmania for all you non-Aussies.  It's so [...]

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It’s Official!

I've just had the most amazing weekend... On Saturday night, Greg popped the question... it's true ... he's making an honest woman of me.  I have to admit it was such a surprise, as it happened on the day of his brother's bucks night...and it caught me totally off guard. He proposed at a little [...]

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