My New Book, “The Wealth Garden” launched Saturday

Have you heard me talk about Wealth Dynamics lately? Probably-I'm always carrying on about how it is simply the most useful profiling tool I've come across. Based on the Chinese text" The I Ching", Wealth Dynamics shows you how to tap into your natural flow by following one of the eight paths to wealth creation-a [...]

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Summer Holiday Anyone?

I read a report in the paper the other day that the British are guaranteed a long, hot Summer.  Get the barbeques ready and the sunglasses out.  Who needs to fly abroad anyway?  This way you get to beat the ash.  So, what holiday plans have you got for this summer (or winter if you’re [...]

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What My Mum Can Teach You About Business

My Mum has 3 Golden Rules.  I'm sure she'd never be able to teach them to you - but they are things I've noticed over the years that apply as well to business as they do to mothering. 1. Never show up to a party empty handed. It's polite, thoughtful and just good form to [...]

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