How do I get to Baykonur?

Hi! Have you heard of a little place called Baykonur?  I hadn’t until our plane headed off in that general direction the other day.  It’s a town in Kazhakstan- and my geographical ignorance got me to thinking….  It would be damn hard to travel to somewhere you’d never heard of.  How would you get there?  [...]

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Living the Lifestyle in Paris

Hi Guys, I'm in Paris this week.  Actually by the time you read this I'll probably be back in London.  But I've spent the first few days in Gaye Paris writing my book the Lifestyle Shift.  And the good news is it is all done.  I've taken all the ideas and brought them together- so [...]

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Summer in London

Last weekend was true summer.  I spent all day Saturday in a field at St Albans practicing Kung Fu in the sunshine (getting sunburnt- whoops!), and all Sunday with Greg in Regents Park listening to jazz and reading a great book.  I’m reading “The Horse Boy” by Rupert…  I highly recommend it- even though I [...]

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The 7 Fundamental Laws of Lifestyle Design

Revealed: The 7 Fundamental Laws of Lifestyle Design. Achieve more with less effort and accelerate your path to freedom! How I went from stressed-out doctor to a “to-die-for” lifestyle and how you can do the same.   In this video, I talk about the 7 laws of Lifestyle Design. I have created a new video [...]

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Come cruising with me!

Right now is probably one of the most exciting times I have had for a while. I am to be seen roaming around London with a big smile on my face. Thanks for all the words of support for mu Kung Fu grading! I had it on Sunday and I think it went well. I’ll [...]

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