Cakes and Courage

Hi Troops! I’m sitting in my  sister’s lounge room writing this week’s post in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.  It’s the best place in the world as the smell of her baking permeates the room.  She is making brownies, lemon polenta cake, chai tea cake… mmmm.  You see Kath supplies a few cafes around Melbourne. (Look at the [...]

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Is the media good or bad?

Hi! Greg and I are in Australia again this week.  We've just had a great weekend with our Million Dollar Masterclass in Bondi, and this Sunday I'm speaking at "Our Internet Secrets" in Melbourne. But I have to admit we only just made it!  Our plane had a fuel leak, lost one engine and had [...]

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How do I get to Baykonur?

Hi! Have you heard of a little place called Baykonur?  I hadn’t until our plane headed off in that general direction the other day.  It’s a town in Kazhakstan- and my geographical ignorance got me to thinking….  It would be damn hard to travel to somewhere you’d never heard of.  How would you get there?  [...]

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