A Booming Success and a New Opportunity!

Last weekend saw myself and two Shift Speaker Training superstars MC-ing the Booming in the Bust event, run by Global1 Training out here in Australia.  Our very own Platinum Million Dollar Masterclass Member, David Penglase hosted the Melbourne event; and Terriane Palmer, Secrets of Selling From Stage Member (our Silver Mentoring Program) hosted the Brisbane [...]

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Back in Old London Town!

Hi!   After 4 months on the road, we’re home and I am pleased to announce that the suitcases are indeed unpacked!  Aside from a rather odd smell emanating from the washing machine (that is mysteriously difficult to track down) it seems our apartment hasn’t missed us too much.   Greg and I caught up [...]

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Going back home to London

Hey there!   I can hardly contain my excitement at the moment as today Greg and I are jumping on the plane and heading home to London.  So by the time you are reading this we’ll be at around 38,000 ft, give or take!   I have to say after 4 months on the road [...]

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