On being a person of influence…

I was reflecting on some influential characters throughout time as I wrote my eclass from Secrets Of Selling From Stage this week: Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Jesus of Nazareth, Queen Elizabeth I, Nelson Mandela, Posh Spice ;-) ... Just to name a few! It became clear to me that people want to be [...]

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This is a cool site for Business Owners

I was following up on an inspiring and informative call we did for the members of Secrets Of Selling From Stage and The Complete Seminar Guide the other day.  We interviewed the marvellous Zach Barfield - guru of new media and CEO of Stuffed Animals. He sent me to one of his online TV channels- [...]

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I love what I do!

Woohoo! I was just looking over the P&L for last financial year... and you know what?  I am so glad that I got over my stuff about earning money.  Otherwise the impact we can make would have been so small! As many of you know Greg and I are tithers.  We don't usually carry on [...]

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Who says Londoners are unhelpful

Hi! Just reflecting in what a relatively easy transition we have had to London.  And thinking what a fabulously helpful bunch the Londoners are. We have been helped, assisted and generally really well looked after over here.  So thank you all who have helped us with everything. I'm very much looking forward to Joan Rivers [...]

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