OK girls- this one’s for you. The time has come!

OK! So I have finally shut up and listened. I am up to something very new and very exciting. You girls have been at me for years to share what I’ve learnt as an “inspiring woman” (as you all insist on calling me!). So I have come up with this awesome opportunity. If you are [...]

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A response to a request- my top 5

Hi! How naughty am I? I haven't written for so long- guess I've been enjoying the lifestyle too much! Here's a request from a blog reader, Laurent, which has inspired me to jump back on and tell you guys something: if you get a moment: i'd love to know what you would say have been [...]

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How to Wipe Out Fears Of Public Speaking and Selling

hi! This is a link to the second in my Live Speaker TeleTraining Series. I hope it's useful for you... Its for all those uncertain types out there who are a little to nervous when it comes to speaking or selling. Enjoy! http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=2702604 Let me know what you think! Love ya xx

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